Everybody needs m.o.m sometime...

Do you wish you had m.o.m to make it better...fix it...make it go away...keep you on track -- just like when you were little? Now there is m.o.m for your business; administrative support that comes to your location and frees your time to use your skills to develop the business

Examples of Left Brain Office Assistance Support:

  • Open, sort, prioritize
  • Keeps you on track
Contact Managment
  • Update and maintenance
  • Categorize for easy retrieval
Data Entry
  • Including accounting information or
  • Work with your accountant to provide detailed data
  • Including Quickbooks
Office Correspondence
  • Clients, prospects, vendors
  • Produced, distributed and follow up
  • Periodic Business Reports -- keeping you on track
  • A system that fits your style
  • Paper goes where you can find it
Client File Management
  • Documenting, filing, follow up
Invoices and Billing
  • Produced, distributed and follow up
  • Including estimates, quotes and proposals
Handwritten correspondence: invitations/thank you cards/client recognition
  • The special touch that makes a difference



*If you don’t see the solution to your challenges – contact M.O.M.


  • Assist in set up of your Quickbooks system
  • Teach you to use the system
  • Assist in developing a work-flow process for your business
  • Help you find a more efficient way to manage your time

*If you have other Special Projects that need attention – contact M.O.M.

Mobile Office Management includes a network of professionals in Aiken and Central Savannah River Area that can be brought together in a skilled team for your specific needs.

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