Serving entrepreneurs in Aiken, SC and other Central Savannah River Area (CSRA) communities.

Outsource office and administrative tasks

Are you trying to do everything yourself? Are you a one-person business only needing about 20 hours per month (NOT PER WEEK!)? But you are putting in 20 hours per WEEK doing office/administrative/bookkeeping tasks that just drag you down...

M.O.M. can free your time to do what you do best – take care of your business and your clients. You will have the same person every week; someone that understands your work style, your clients and your business.

Take advantage of your skills
M.O.M. comes to YOUR location and provides the left brain administrative support for your creative right brain skills.

Many entrepreneurs are 'right brain' people – creative, enthusiastic, 'big picture' people; they need the 'left brain' people to provide systems, procedures and process to free their right brain skills to create a successful business.

What's in it for you?

Time -- to develop more business; for your 'other life'; to enjoy using your skills
Money -- make your accountant happy by providing the information they need, on time, in the format that they want
Stress RELIEF -- you aren't worrying about what you forgot or what you didn't get to or what you missed; it's done
Professional Image -- you keep appointments; you are on time and you respond to requests and other communications promptly
Energy -- you can focus on what you do best; when you enjoy what you are doing - it shows

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